Miraysan Elektrik is a group company was founded at 1995 for manufacturer of Earthing Materials  Industry in both  Turkey & Middle east market overseas. Since our foundation, the company has grown through continuous development.
Following the technologic developments Miraysan Group Company start to produce and sell Earthing System products on construction electrical industry  at earlier 2015.With the new generation business  ideas Miraysan Elektrik start to sales marketing  and exports activities of Earthing system Products and Ligtning protection products from Turkey market to all world countries. 
Miraysan Elektrik is in every step of its production and wholesalling, targeted the best qualities for its products that makes it more suitable to customer markets requirements. Miraysan Elektrik the only manufacturer located in area that which one produce alternative Earthing, Grounding System conductivty products with  UL Quality Standarts 
Miraysan Elektrik Company produce best alternative Copper coated-bonded steel and aluminyum Earthing system Products, does not cause environmental pollution during the production process. Miraysan Elektrik all Products  is environmentally friendly
Products of our company are registered with ISO and TSE Certificates.



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